Strykerz Kid Fit Program

The Leading Kid Fit Program in Tampa Bay By Master Mehrdad’s Martial Arts

Strykerz KidFit After School Martial Arts Program in St. Pete, FL

Our programs offers a unique combination of Traditional Martial Arts training and exciting extracurricular activities designed to help children grow and develop both mentally and physically. Through Martial Arts training they will learn the fundamentals of Hapkido, Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Karate and Kids Yoga.  The program is designed to build confidence, focus, respect and healthy physical bodies.

Strykerz KidFit After-School Program provides children with a nurturing and structured environment to help facilitate structured development, while also providing fun and interactive activities. Kids involved in this program will receive additional Martial Arts training and are also encouraged to join other classes provided at the school. Every Friday we have Strykerz Friday Funday, which are filled with activities and often trips to local parks.

Martial Arts For Kids - Kids After School Classes in Largo, FlStrykerz KidFit Summer Program offers flexibility and a wide range of activities and themes to keep children engaged and entertained. The core of our program is Martial Arts and they will receive daily focused training based on the techniques of the week. Each week is also themed with at least one community adventure which gives kids the chance to experience a variety of activities and learn through interaction. Our dedicated and experience team of instructors are devoted to providing a program that challenges and develops children physically, mentally and emotionally, which is why we provide ample and varied activities and lessons.

We understand how busy parents are today and how important it is to have their children in quality programs to help them develop into strong individuals. Our school is located conveniently between St. Petersburg and Clearwater, FL on Ulmerton Road near the Feather Sound and Carillon areas. To further help busy and working parents our after school program has an extended pick up time and our summer program provides aftercare.

Master Mehrdad Partners with TBAE Network to Create a Traditional Martial Arts Educational Documentary for Kids. Master Mehrdad has devoted 4 decades of his life time on the study of Traditional Martial Arts and Training. Now with TBAE Network collaboration, he has the chance to share his knowledge, and the benefits of Martial Arts for Kids and Adults. This great opportunity will allow him to educate parents and Martial Arts enthusiasts about the important aspect of Martial Arts training. These aspects are culture, fundamentals, and power to change your life in a positive way. The 12 episode series will be focusing on the Art of Muay Thai, Shin Do Kumate, Hapkido, Kung Fu, Karate weapons, kids anti-bullying, yoga, meditation, physical fitness, respect and honor.


Our studio includes a purified water system, and we also offer healthy vending snacks available for purchase. Our full after school program also provides a healthy organic smoothie for parents to take with child at pick up.


Martial Arts / Kids-Self Defense that helps build confidence and improve health.

Master Mehrdad helping a student and teaching martial arts

Our after school and summer programs provide a positive environment with strong role models and mentors that supports leadership and character building.

Kids Yoga Training with Xiomara

Meditation and Yoga helps strengthen children’s individual focus, discipline, respect and manners.

Martial Arts Training

Our Martial Arts After School and Summer programs and classes will empower your child to excel both physically and mentally beyond their own expectations.

Strykerz KidFit T-shirt

Martial Arts After School activities with fee Pick Up Service. Karate uniform and after school t-shirt included with the program. Check out our STORE.

Our Partners

Master Mehrdad's Martial Arts & Muay Thai - Partners

Master Mehrdad’s Martial Arts is a Muay Thai and martial art school. They offer various programs from fitness, daycare services, yoga, muay thai, hap-ki-do, and more. For more info click here.

Fighting For Children

Fighting For Children is unique in that we produce short video documentaries of foster children awaiting adoption in an effort to have their individual personalities portrayed on film to match them with forever families. For more info click here.


Soudabah Moayedi

Soudabah Moayedi is 2nd degree Black Belt and North American Amateur Muay Thai Champion. She is sharing her passion of teaching kids the importance of traditional Martial Arts being a way of life. Her instruction helps the kids to be more positive and stronger in their life. She uses her dad as a strong role model in her life to positively impact her kids martial arts classes.

More about Soudabah Moayedi

Robert Smida

Robert Smida began training Karate Shotokan when he was fourteen years old in his hometown in Czech Republic. Smida is currently is a 3rd degree Black Belt, and has being training under Master Mehrdad since 2009 to present. He is the chief Martial Arts instructors for kids, pre-teens, and adults.

More about Robert Smida

Jenny Taylor

My name is Jenny Taylor. I have been teaching and watching over children since I was 12 years old. I have a teaching degree but really just love the preschool and private school jobs. My last job I was a lead teacher for two-year-olds and wrote the curriculum for the twos and threes. She will be Strykerz KidFit bus driver.

More about Jenny Taylor

Master Mehrdad Moayedi

Master Mehrdad Khan Moayedi, 8th Dan Black Belt in Hapkido and Kung Fu. He has over 40 years of Martial Arts and Muay Thai experience. Mehrdad has being teaching kids in Tampa Bay and Pinellas county since 1992. He has been participating in Great American Teaching. Mehrdad Moayedi devotes his time to teach children about self defense, confidence, anti-bullying since 1994.

More about Master Mehrdad

Yolanda Moayedi

Yolanda Moayedi serves as President, Managing Director at Fighting For Children and Strykerz KidFit. She has been involved in business management since 1987.

More about Yolanda Moayedi

Jason Robinson

Jason began training in Martial Arts in Hapkido, Kung Fu, and Muay Thai under Master Mehrdad supervision since 2013 to present and receive his 2nd Dan Black Belt in Kong Shin Bup Hapkido and Art Of Shin Do Kumate on Feb 18th / 2017. He is very experience in Muay Thai sparring, and has a passion for Martial Arts weapons such as Bo Staff, Nunchucks, and Martial Arts Kata.

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