Kids After School


Kids After School

Kids After School fun Martial Arts program and physical fitness activity with Master Mehrdad’s Strykerz KidFit Afterschool care. We have fun classes, but at the same time  teach the children about respect, sharing, and hard work in order for them to move to the next level in our belt ranking system. We are very proud of everyone for their hard work and dedication to pass their belt ranking test on Thursday October 13. That was big night for our martial arts kids, because they have been waiting for this for a long time!

Kids Karate - Health, Fitness and RespectHunter – This is his second year with us in our after Kids After School program and he has come a long way with his attitude, coordination, respect towards others. Hunter was a child who didn’t like group activities  preferring to be alone, today he is our number one helper and is usually making sure everyone has what they need. We love him and he is a wonderful student. He has worked very hard to earn his orange belt and it showed on test day. Hunter has achieved a lot with our Martial Arts program “Hapkido, Kung Fu and Muay Thai” training. He has developed better balance, listening skills, and has become more physically stronger. He has also learned that Martial Arts is way of life not a seasonal sports.

Martial Arts Change My Life - After School Care

Kickboxing and Boxing For Kids in Feather Sound Clearwater, FlAlex – He is very powerful physically and a wonderful martial artist. He has a bright future in Martial Arts. His dad brought Alex to us, so he could gain more confidence, flexibility, and better balance to help him in the soccer field. Alex has been with our after school program for a while and  loves his martial arts and his Muay Thai sparring classes. After two years of being in our Kids After School program Alex now has a lot of confidence, it shows when he play soccer games, and he is his aggressive and hungry to improve. Congratulations on your orange belt!

Hapkido classes for the kids

Martial Arts School in Feather Sound and Clearwater, FLJaleel – During his last test for his yellow belt, he was very shy and nervous and it showed when he was testing. During this last test Jaleel passed with flying colors! He was strong, confident, and knew that if he gave it his all he would succeed. Jaleel likes to box and enjoys his Muay Thai training he left his last school because he was not pushed to better himself. While he is more of a boxer his kicks have amazing power and he will have a good future in the Muay Thai world. Congrats on your orange belt you deserve it!

Boxing For Kids With Our After School Program in St.Pete, FL

Kickboxing Classes For Kids At Master Mehrdad's Martial Arts in Clearwater, FlMalachi – Malachi is a happy child that is always smiling even when he is tired. Out of all the boys Malachi is the most technical making sure everything he does is the proper technique, and taking his time where it counts. Malachi has also been with our Kids After School program for two years now and we have seen great improvement in his confidence. He no longer gets upset when something isn’t exactly right and will either work hard to do better next time or accept that some things come slower then others. This has made him a wonderful example to the much younger students who sometimes struggle to keep up with their older peers.

malachi - Kids Martial Arts belt testing

Kung Fu For kids in Clearwater, Fl - After School ActivityEmily – Emily may look small and quiet, but she is force to be reckoned with! She is very disciplined and catches on to different techniques very quickly. Emily likes to make sure she does things right the first time so no bad habits form and she can move on to harder techniques. Emily’s mom brought her to us to gain strength and confidence worried that the bigger kids would take advantage of her small size. We saw very quickly that this was not the case, but that she was a bit shy. While she is still very quiet she is not as shy as she use to be and makes friends very quickly with the other kids.


Tristian - Kids After School Care at Strykerz KidFitTristan – Tristan came to us at the end of last year, his parents wanted him to be someplace after school that would build his confidence and strength while also being fun. He has come a long way since his first class and has a much better time being able to keep up with the cardio aspect of test time, as well as being more mentally sharp. While this was his first test and was a bit nervous he pushed through those fears and did a great job.

Kung Fu Classes For Children

Martial Arts and Physical Fitness Classes For Children - Afterschool ProgramAutumn – Autumn was ready to go for her first belt test and talked about it all week. She is a very strong girl and very sweet making sure she never hurts anyone when she is practicing. Autumn accidentally left all her gear at school the day of the test, but did her very best to make sure that didn’t stop her from earning her yellow belt.

Martial Arts Respect and Dedication

Muay Thai and Self Defense classes for kids - After School For ChildrenFinn – Finn is part of our traditional Kids Martial Arts Program and always comes in to class with a smile and a story. He is into superheros and uses them as his model for when he practices. Like all boys Finn likes Muay Thai and being able to perform his punches and kicks. Finn also has excellent memory which helps him excel during class time.

finn - traditional Kids Martial Arts Program

Kids After School


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