Kids Martial Arts Teaching Respect, Honor, Focus and Discipline

Kids Martial Arts Teaching Respect, Honor, Focus and Discipline

Kids Martial Arts Teaching Respect, Honor, Focus and Discipline – At Master Mehrdad’s Martial Arts & Muay Thai our children martial artists earn their next belts. We pride ourselves on our traditional martial art and Muay Thai teachings. The children in our Dojo are taught core values like respect, honor, focus, and discipline. Children in our program get the benefit of traditional teachings in an untraditional setting. Classes are taught by Master Mehrdad and his team of high ranking black belt Martial Art instructors. Students learn that a strong mind is a healthy body and our given the tools to excel not just in the dojo, but in life as well.

Kids Martial Arts Teaching Respect, Honor, Focus and Discipline

Jordyn – Jordyn started with us in the summer. Her parents had been to many places before our Dojo trying to find an outlet for the energy she had. Many places refused to take the time to work with her and build her up. After some time and much patience Jordyn has turned into a strong Martial Artist with strong limbs. Her listening has improved and she is a much happier child knowing she has a place to belong to. She has a natural power in her arms and legs creating extremely strong kick and punches for someone so young. As she was kicking the pads with Master Mehrdad the kicks were so loud one of the parents commented on her toughness. Jordyn is a perfect example that love, patience, and discipline in a safe environment allows children to flourish to their full potential.

Zoe – Zoe is one of our youngest and smallest of the testing group, don’t let her size fool you though! Zoe can do an almost perfect push up and even surprised her mother with them during the test. She also has a fast mind and is able to pick up things very fast which helps her during technique days when we go through various Hapkido techniques in one class. Her listening skills and quick mind are what allow her to excel.

Tara – Tara is a natural Martial Artist and has excelled since starting with us a few months ago. Tara is a dedicated student that questions everything to further understand why the techniques are important and how they could be used. She also enjoys creating new techniques and learning how those can be adapted into any situation.

Kids Martial Arts Teaching Respect, Honor, Focus and Discipline

Vuk – Vuk is Tara’s younger brother and another strong Martial Artist. Vuk loves to jump and move around so you can always see him jumping from one place to another. Vuks loving and happy personality is infectious. He is a happy child, but a strong one as well like his sister, Vuk is very strong and has a good future in the Martial Arts world.

Melanie – Melanie is another one of our younger students but surprises us with her focus and strength. For someone her age Melanie shows great talent at leading a group and is very strong willed. Melanie is still very young and as she grows she will turn into an amazing leader.

Timur – Timur loves being around people and likes working with his classmates in groups. Timur like any young boy like kicking and punching. His favorite days are sparring days when all we practice is Muay Thai techniques.

Ethan – Ethan spent the summer with us and then continued with us during this school year. Ethan has a desire to learn Martial Arts and spends lots of time talking with his friends about what he has learned. Ethan has a quick mind when it comes to his Muay Thai techniques and is quite good during sparring days. His aggressive technique could possibly make a good fighter when he is older.

Kids Martial Arts Teaching Respect, Honor, Focus and Discipline

Soudabah Moayedi, 2nd Dan Black Belt in Hapkido

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