Martial Art Program for Kids

Martial Art Program for Kids

Martial Art Program for Kids – If you are seeking a traditional Martial Arts school that teaches authentic programs that are tailored and perfect for your kids, come and visit Master Mehrdad’s Martial Arts & Muay Thai and join our Strykerz KidFit after school program. Boxing and Martial Arts is a great way for kids to gain strength and confidence by teaching them techniques and skills that can carry on into many aspects of their life. In Master Mehrdad’s Martial Arts & Muay Thai’s Strykerz Kidfit program children learn proper boxing and Martial Arts techniques in an after school program designed for fun and the character building your child deserves.

Martial Art Program for Kids - Boxing, Self Defense, and FitnessNot only does a background in boxing and Martial Arts offer children a great way to learn how to defend themselves, it gives children an outlet to get rid of the excess energy they build up in school all day. Our Strykerz Kidfit after school program allows children a safe environment to blow off steam and teach them a vital skill not only for their physical wellbeing, but mental wellbeing as well. Children in this program learn proper boxing techniques, and the fundamentals of boxing gaining arm strength, core strength, and a mountain of confidence to take on any challenge. We believe that it’s important to teach children that they too can be strong which allows them to push out of the box that society puts young children in.

Our Martial Art program for kids and teaching methods instills confidence, respect, discipline, and a knowledge of basic self-defense in children of many ages and backgrounds. The children in our Strykerz Kidfit After School program are taught by Master Mehrdad and high ranking brown and black belts in an environment that fosters positive growth and fun. Boxing and Martial Arts is a sport that will be beneficial to your child for years to come.

Martial Art Program for Kids – Physical Activity, Boxing, and Self Defense Classes

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