Martial Arts for Kids in Clearwater

Martial Arts for Kids in Clearwater

Collection of  Videos About Martial Arts for Kids and Community Involvement

Shore Acre Talent Show and Strykerz Kidfit Martial Arts Demo Teams - Martial Arts for KidsStrykerz KidFit is dedicated to enhancing the community and lives around them through various outreach efforts in the area. Strykerz KidFit strongly believes in the power of creating and building kids up to become powerful leaders in their future. Our mission is to share enhance kids talents and knowledge.

A confident and disciplined child leads to a motivated and strong adult. It is much easier to enhance child’s development than to alter years of negative habits in an adult. Master Mehrdad and his Strykerz KidFit staff of instructors work hard to provide their students with encouragement and structure to help them develop specific skills such as, hard work ethic, active listening and self-confidence. They understand that no children are the same and that they learn and progress at different specific levels. The goal of our school is not to have the most black belts, but to help children understand the importance of dedication and commitment to a goal and their training.

This collection of videos will demonstrate specific Martial Arts techniques  by Master Mehrdad that will help develop kids strength. Most of this collection was shot live at Clearwater, Florida at the Shore Acre Talent Show.


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