Martial Arts Teens Program in Clearwater FL

Martial Arts Teens Program in Clearwater FL

Martial Arts Teens Program in Clearwater FL.  Confidence, Self-Assurance, Discipline and Respect are a few of the qualities Martial Artists possess and cultivate. Which is why it can be an invaluable resource to preteens and teens. It seems every media outlet emphasizes the importance of outward beauty and appearances but minimize the importance of inner strength. This can make many children between the ages 11-16 highly susceptible to having misguided core values.

The Importance of a Nurtured Teens Environment and Ways To Relieve Pressure

Pre-teens Martial ArtsFor developing girls the middle school and high school years can make them very self-conscious. They get expose  to an increased measure of peer pressure. Martial Arts teaches teenagers the importance of a strong and healthy body over simply one that meets society’s standards of beauty. As they challenge themselves through training they grow to appreciate and value their skills and body. This will also developed self-awareness, positive body image and self-confidence.

Another valuable skill they learn is how to defend against potential attackers. We live in a dangerous world, which is unfortunately plagued with violence against women. Martial Arts teaches teenage girls that they can be more than a victim and that they possess skills that can help protect them in dangerous situations, potentially saving their lives in the process.

Preteens and Teens Martial Arts Classes in Feather Sound, Clearwater - Martial Arts Teens Program in Clearwater FLObstacles Face by Teens and Pre Teens

Teenage and preteen boys also face their own set of obstacles and challenges. Adolescents are prone to increased erratic and risky behaviors due to puberty and brain development. Boys can be expose to anger issues and peer pressure which can weaken their respect for others around them. Martial Arts teaches boys the importance of self-disciple and respect. It also provides them with an outlet to express any anger or tension they develop with their changing hormones. Boys also tend to withdraw from their parents around adolescent age, a focused and encouraging Martial Arts program can provide them with a safe environment away from home to grow.

Martial Arts Teens Program in Clearwater FL, helps pre-teen/teen boys and girls learn many valuable life lessons and positive core values from traditional Martial Arts programs. For more information on how you can help your child grow in a positive structured environment contact Master Mehrdad’s today.

Ten Years of Leila’s Martial Arts Journey

Leila’s View about Martial Arts benefits and her upcoming brown belt test. Great inspiring video for parents to see!! I have been doing Martial Arts the Arts of Shin Do Kumate which stem from Kong Shin Bup Hapkido, Kung Fu and Muay Thai after 10 years the journey just began.

Checkout What an 11 Year Old Has to Say About Commercial Martial Arts

Alina giving short and sweet interview about her upcoming Martial Arts brown belt test after 6 years of hard work and dedication. She also give her opinion about those who get their black belt after couple year of training!! Master Mehrdad and his instructors extremely proud of Alina for her perseverance after all these years. Shin Do Kumate Brown belt test require tremendous physical fitness and endurance to be able to earn their brown belt.

Leila is doing Thai Pad drills with her father for her brown belt test, she has been training martial arts and Muay thai for 10 years.

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