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Master Mehrdad Khan Moayedi is the founder and CEO of World Shin Do Kumaté Association, Inc. He began teaching traditional Martial Arts and Muay Thai in the Tampa Bay area in 1992. He opened his first Dojo in St. Petersburg, Florida the following year.  In 2007, he relocated his business to Feather Sound in Clearwater, FL. Where he currently teaches the Art of Shin Do Kumaté to students of all levels.

About Master Mehrdad Fighting System and Experience

The discipline taught by Master Mehrdad is unique and only offered by him, as this style was developed by him. He drew from his deep rooted training in the Far East of multiple disciplines. Such as Kung Fu, Kong Shin Bup Hapkido, Tae Keuk Do, Muay Thai, Wrestling, and Persian Martial Arts. This unique blend offered him the opportunity to create his own philosophical Martial Arts discipline and fighting system. Which forms the style of Shin Do Kumaté “The Way of Fighting Spirit”. Which translated into “The Way of Higher Power”.

Regarded as an “old school” instructor and professional fighter. Master Mehrdad teaches the true fundamentals of Martial Arts, physical fitness training and an effective fighting system. The combination of the arts learned and studied by Master Mehrdad for over 40 years have made him a highly accomplished and educated Master and trainer.

Master Mehrdad’s Kids Martial Arts Class and after school care emphasizes in various aspect. Consequently, the aspect are discipline, patience, respect,  and honor. Self-defense, physical strength, non-violent behavior, confidence, and proper technique also are taught. Studies show that children who practice Martial Arts increase their level of focus and concentration. Therefore they excel in school, and do very well in other sports.

The Structured Environment of a Dojo

The structured environment in our Dojo offers very good lessons in honor, respect and discipline. Therefore the memorization required to learn forms and techniques increase children’s ability to focus. As a result these lessons learned extend into other parts of their lives. As a father of three successful girls, Master Mehrdad stands behind this belief.

Master Mehrdad can’t stress enough the importance of the discipline of this art and the positive effects of it on children’s lives in today’s distraction society. Our mission is to positively impact our children and community through our traditional Martial Arts training and positive approach.

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