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After School Martial Arts - Strykerz Kid Fit

Master Mehrdad’s After School Martial Arts Program is a Martial Arts instructional program offered to students in grades K-8. Children in this program will be given the tools needed to succeed not only in school, but in their everyday lives as well. At Master Mehrdad’s, your child will learn the tools to build confidence and respect for themselves and others.

We offer free school pick up service in our school vans and a daily instructional schedule. Our after school Martial Arts program also values education. Master Mehrdad’s Strykerz KidFit After School program combines physical fun with the teachings of traditional Martial Arts to give your child a fun and safe place to be while you are still at work.

In this day and age when public schools are eliminating recess and reducing physical education activities, parents can rest assured that their children are receiving daily physical activity after school while in our program, in addition to gaining excellent Martial Arts skills.

About Master Mehrdad and After School Martial Arts Program

Strykerz KidFit After School Program - Largo, FLMaster Mehrdad has been in business in the St. Pete/ Clearwater area since 1993 and has over 40 years of Martial Art experience. Since the age of five he has dedicated his life to this ancient art. Knowing the effects a traditional Martial Art training can have on a child from an early age, it is his firm believe that all children should learn Martial Arts. He has seen the benefits first hand within himself and then with his three daughters many years later. Children who learn Martial Arts have better focus, confidence, and respect.After School Martial Arts - Strykerz Kid Fit

Martial Arts is not a seasonal sport like football or soccer once it’s done it’s done and a child needs to wait for the next season. With a traditional Martial Arts program a child will never be done for the “season” and has room to grow no matter the age. This philosophy is the driving edge of our dojo.


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